Testimonials for 11 Day Quilters’ Japan Tour – Toyo International Great Quilt Festival 2017

Escort (T.) was very flexible and made changes where possible – Went out of her way to find specific places you wanted to go to. Itinerary was very good. Quilting show and fabric shopping stood out, and sightseeing, Hiroshima Peace Memorial and museum.

Jan 2017

T. was wonderful, informative, humorous and knowledgeable! Overall tour organisation was very good and very responsive.

Jan 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed all the different modes of transport. The best escort ever! T. was so very knowledgeable and helpful everywhere we went. Tour arrangements were absolutely professional and we certainly went to places we would never have found on our own. Hiroshima was very though provoking and I am so glad we went there.

JT and JT
Jan 2017

We had a lot of fun on the Tokyo trains. The tour escort was wonderful and had everything running like clockwork! The pace was just right and the quilt show and Hiroshima stood out.

Jan 2017

The itinerary was excellent and the pace just right. I’ll come again and I already recommended to my friends. T. is a treasure, nothing was too much trouble. Good variety of meals – especially breakfasts.

Jan 2017

Tour arrangements were well put together, with time to look around and shopping. Itinerary was enjoyable with lots to see and a good pace for me. Very much liked group size, made getting around very easy. Hope to be back again soon.

Jan 2017

Transport was very spacious and comfortable. T’s English was great and history and knowledge of sights made the tour much more interesting. Tour arrangements were excellent. Even when booking all questions answered very quickly and very accommodating.

Jan 2017

Enjoyed going to small villages to see outside the big cities and also enjoyed making paper cranes on train to pass time. The pace was just right. Elevator helped and escalator when available. Janesco kept us U.S.A folks informed and tour arrangements were excellent

Jan 2017

15 day Quilter’s Japan Autumn Tour 2014

T is so wonderful. She set such a lovely happy tone in our group! Caring, polite, humble and funny. Everything went like clockwork. Re Itinerary: Loved the last walking tour in the fresh air. Highlights were the cooking session – I plan to continue learning. The sewing sessions etc.

Waikato. NZ
November 2014

Very clean comfortable coaches, but I also enjoyed travelling by local trains. Enjoyed learning manners and customs. Our needs were catered to extremely well with a flexible approach to arrangements. I thought the itinerary was excellent. A nice mix of sightseeing and workshops with plenty of time for shopping. I found the pace just right for me because I could be occupied all day or take the opportunity to have quite time if needed. The meals were wonderful and I appreciated the chance to try eating at several traditional eateries. I really enjoyed the fabric town. I loved the cooking class and the show and tell session. I also really loved learning about the Japanese culture and customs from a Japanese escort. I really appreciated the smaller group and the chance to travel as a single. I just wish I had brought more formal clothes for the very high standard hotels.

Victor Harbour. SA
Nov 2014

I have learnt so much about Japanese culture. I loved T’s stories, her patience with our questions and her delightful sense of humour. Overall tour arrangements: Wonderfully well organised – comfortable arrangements giving us time to walk to transport and not be rushed. I can’t believe how busy and happy I have been – so many “hands on” activities – balanced with sightseeing and of course, shopping! Loved our meal with T. (plenty to eat). The traditional dinner was not so enjoyable. Enjoyed the farewell dinner – delightful- loved the presentation. Highlights – The special Japanese garden. Cooking our lunch. The quilt show. Travel in the bullet train. Bus to mountains and scenery on the way. Traditional houses, the walk through the bamboo forest etc. Meeting other quilters a group of women with similar interests.

Tauranga. NZ
November 2014

I could not fault T in any way whatsoever. Knowledge and sense of humour was really appreciated and kindness! I think the organisation was outstanding. Finding out extra information about needs and wants surpassed my expectations. I think the itinerary was well balanced. Would definitely recommend Janesco to close friends. Highlights: I really, really enjoyed the kimono museum exhibition and felt so privileged to be able the see that. Also the craft workshops were wonderful.

Nedlands. WA
November 2014

I enjoyed the variety of experiences. Being a “Westerner” I found the meals very interesting and that is what I came to experience. I especially enjoyed the craft experiences and seeing how local people do things.

Kalamazoo. MI. USA
November 2014

H was charming and went out of his way to help us. Also a great sense of humour. The hands on days were so different from other tours, enjoyed it all. The tour was so good and such fun and all that I spoke to felt the same.

Cooram, Qld
November 2014

Thank you so much for arranging activities for non-quilters. Overall cultural experience was amazing. Was happy to be accepted into the quilters group – but have no desire to become a quilter. Would love to be involved in another tour.

Kilkivan, Qld
November 2014

Overall tour arrangements – well organised – excellent accommodation – made very easy for us. – Gold stars for Janesco! Enjoyed the variety of activities and help received. A huge congratulations to S, T and H – I will hold this tour and you all in my heart.

Templestowe Lower. Vic
November 2014

It was good to have a review every day towards the following day and timings and getting ready for whatever needed. All in all, it was a great experience – every day brought another amazing experience . Loved the walks! Thank you very much. It was a fantastic trip.

Omer. Il
November 2014

Particularly enjoyed all hands on experiences and visiting the mountain areas. All at a good pace for comfort.

Eltham. Vic
November 2014

Transport, escort, overall tour arrangements, Itinerary, pace, meals all excellent. Highlights were Kanazawa, Takayama, Shirakawago, and the snow – also quilt museum. Loved it all – well done!

Hayborough. SA
November 2014

Pace was just right. Good to have the rest days that also had options for doing more. Highlights included hands on workshops, Yokohama quilt show, Kyoto quilters and Kimono Museum, travelling in the country. Experiencing Japanese culture.

Croydon. Vic
November 2014

T could not be more perfect. Her knowledge is remarkable. She attended to every need and every detail with remarkable efficiency and thoroughness. I enjoyed the mix of culture and “doing” activities. It has been a very well organised tour and I enjoyed how “lateness” was corrected!! Appreciated local content and T gave good advice as to where to try new foods. Would I recommend Janesco to close friends? Absolutely!! Particularly enjoyed the special Kyoto Quilt Show with mixing with local quilters.
This has been my first ever “tour”. I loved it. I will be back to Japan and look forward to having all my friends join your next tour!! Thank you so very much.

Jandakot. WA
November 2014

I loved the fact that we got to try all sorts of transport – coach, taxi, subway, suburban trains, Shinkansen. T’s sense of humour was brilliant. She managed to answer all questions that were put to her and was a fountain of knowledge. I tried foods I would never attempt to try and enjoyed it all very much! Loved the cooking school!

lnman Valley. SA
November 2014

The best arranged tour I have been on. Particularly enjoyed just the variety of the whole tour. Also the time we had doing the workshops, pottery sewing etc. Enjoyed the villages more than the big cities. Not complaining – loved the lot. A job well done by the Janesco team.

Heidelberg, Vic
November 2014

H was a fabulous tour guide. He was warm and funny and well organised and always with a smile on his face.

Wheeler Hts., NSW
November 2014

I loved Kyoto the best. A good mix of scenery, textiles and history and culture. There were just the right amount of organised dinners. It was fun to do it by yourself occasionally.

Avalon, NSW
November 2014

Great tour. – excellent, nothing too much trouble, would highly recommend. Particularly enjoyed Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple at Nikko; Buddhist temple with 200 tonne Buddha – both stunning; Ancient hill village at Shirakawago. Alternate excursions for non-quilters were excellent.

Gympie, Qld

Excellent hotels and smooth transfers given the numbers. Very enjoyable variety of cultural destinations and handcraft activities. All meals excellent choices, especially enjoyed local menu. Especially enjoyed the Kimono Museum and work of Kubota Itchiku. In general I felt the tour pace and balance of activities was perfect.

Swanbourne. WA
November 2014

Enjoyed the experience of snowing, but overall amazing country and people.

Canning Vale. WA
November 2014

Autumn colours and snow were added bonuses. Quilt shows were of a high standard.

Langford. WA
November 2014

T kept us entertained and informed. She did this in a most pleasant and humorous manner. Nothing was too much trouble. I have been delighted with the variety of activities

Leeming. WA
November 2014

The included activities were interesting and places we visited gave us a taste of what could be seen in Japan. The visit to the Kimono Museum was outstanding . The cultural exchange with the (Japanese) Quilt group was also a highlight.

Croydon Hills. VIC
November 2014

I appreciated the varied activities and sights and have been pleasantly surprised at all of the items we were able to take with us after experiencing various crafts. I have a better appreciation for the Japanese culture after seeing and doing so many things. The wonderful thorough attention to the details of our experiences by Janesco and T were highlights.

Kalamazoo. MI. USA
November 2014

All transport was on time, clean and comfortable, like clockwork. Itinerary was well varied and interesting. T was an excellent tour escort. Her knowledge was amazing. The Kimono exhibition was amazing to stand back and look along the line how it all joined up.

Templestowe Lower. VIC
November 2014

I enjoyed the tour escort’s commentary, informative , able to be humorous and adaptive. Meals were very good – able to cater to individual needs. Workshops to extend knowledge and a good balance with culture were standouts.

Hillcrest. NZ
November 2014

Very well run tour. Plenty to see and bits to do. Really enjoyed our itinerary.

Victory Heights. Qld
November 2014

All tour escorts were very well organised and their knowledge was great. We were very well looked after. Commentary by tour escorts was great and guest guides were great as well. Shirakawago was a highlight as well as meeting other Japanese quilters.

Gympie, Qld
November 2014

H went over and above to make this tour so special. A thoroughly enjoyable holiday and filled all expectations and more. Thank you all for an unforgettable trip.

Camden Pk. ,SA
November 2014

Wonderful tour – H was super. Very thoughtful and made the difference to the trip.

Camberwell, Vic
November 2014

Pace was good. Particularly enjoyed Kyoto.

South Freemantle. WA
November 2014

Transport, escort, overall tour arrangements, Itinerary, pace, meals all excellent. I loved the workshops – they were so well organised so as to allow a flow of information. PS I love this hotel and room.

Charlestown. NSW
Nov 2014

Overall tour arrangements: Liked the variety of different things we did. More than I expected. Glad we went to fabric shopping before temple. Could have spent more time shopping there! Meals: Better than I imagined! Highlights: Quilt show Yokohama. Mrs T’s quilting in Kyoto was great.

Grafton NSW
Nov 2014

All very helpful and nothing too much trouble. Overall tour arrangements were very good. Enjoyed meeting Japanese quilters. Very friendly. I enjoyed the mix of activities with sightseeing which was varied.

Hazelwood. Vic
Nov 2014

11 days Quilter’s Japan Tour
Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival 2014

Enjoyed the various areas of Japan we visited. Breakfasts were really good. Very pleased with the service provided both in Australia and in Japan

ML Feb 2014

Arriving one day early went smoothly, as did the early visit to the quilt show

MB Feb 2014

Very thankful for the thoughtfulness of organising everything for our extra day at the beginning of the tour. Well balanced overall (itinerary), nice mix of pace. Choice of dinner restaurants varied and a great experience. Quilt exhibition overwhelming at first sight

GO’D Feb 2014

Could not have wished for a better (itinerary). Varied and interesting – catered for all tastes. Packed full days. Went home with great memories of Japan. A truly great experience – thank you for such a good service

SS Feb 2014

Overall tour arrangements: like a Swiss watch – perfect. Escort offered some lovely choices to experience a variety of local cuisine. Would definitely recommend to close friends. Overall a truly wonderful experience – thank you for succeeding way beyond my expectations.

JB Feb 2014

I found all the tour arrangements to be very good and everyone most responsive. The whole tour was most enjoyable. As this was my first experience of a tour and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Right from the first contact with the office to all the time and trouble that (the escort) went to, to make the tour the best.

SH Feb 2014

Very thoughtful organisation. This trip was my first visit to Japan and has been very informative took me a long time to find a textile trip – first of many I hope

SD Feb 2014

Thank you for all your efforts. An excellent holiday!!

JP Feb 2014

Testimonials from 15 day Quilters Japan Autumn Tour
2013 November

Excellent. Absolutely wonderful. Everything was organised with first class efficiency. The variety of our itinerary was incredible both interesting, original, innovative and totally enjoyable giving a 1st time visitor great insight o a wonderful country. Every day was an exciting new day of treasures and new experiences.

JC Nov 2013

The tour ran very smoothly without any major problems due to the efficiency of T. (The itinerary was) varied and extremely enjoyable. Good value for money. I feel privileged to have been part of this tour.

JS Nov 2013

Fantastic variety – saw a lot more than I expected – wonderful.

AF Nov 2013

This was my first group tour and it more than exceeded my expectations, due largely to T’s “can-do” attitude…for variety of activities, assistance along the way and value for money, I will certainly be recommending Janesco to my family and friends.

JR Nov 2013

Very smooth and well run. Very happy. Being a quilting tour the variety of the tour was excellent.

SL Nov 2013

A wide variety of activities from hands on to sightseeing. Enabled you to taste a wide variety of Japanese foods.

DS Nov 2013

Very well managed. So much to do, I was very happy to have the experiences offered, very enjoyable. I loved the Shinkansen, I wish we had one at home. Buses were excellent and so were the drivers.

CC Nov 2013

We were looked after beautifully. Timetables went very smoothly. Wonderful variety of activities. All the included meals were very generous in volume.

DR Nov 2013

Absolutely fabulous (itinerary)! Enjoyed each and every meal. I loved everything that we did! Keep on keeping on!!! I’ll be back!!

AD Nov 2013

Tour went effortlessly for group, both T and H were happy to answer questions and go over timetable for next day with good grace. Loved the variety! There was heaps to do each day. Things I had never tried before and thoroughly enjoyed.

SK Nov 2013

Very well organised and always had available highlighted maps. Itinerary: well rounded and adapted to our special interests.

JL Nov 2013

I thought it was a wonderful special interests tour.

LS Nov 2013

A great introduction to Japan for a special interest group – hard to see how it could be improved without extending its length …

JD Nov 2013

The tour covered a wide variety of arts and crafts as well as historical sights. Villages were beautiful. There was no part of that I didn’t enjoy.

LL Nov 2013

Every aspect ran like clockwork. Itinerary variety great, very enjoyable. Pace – great, meals – good variety.

JR Nov 2013

Everything was well planned. Great variety of meals. Thoroughly enjoyed every event and stopover, especially hands on opportunities.

RD Nov 2013